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In Partnership with the Industry

DroNav is being developed by a team with years of experience in Aerospace, Software & Hardware Engineering, with direct participation of relevant research bodies.

First phase (software simulator) has been undergoing testing since March, 2016, with the first “real world” tests taking place in Summer of 2018. We are planning further tests in Canada and anticipate commercial deployment after 4Q2019.

DroNav is being designed with focus on Commercial Operators first and foremost, with ultimate interest in the industry’s direct participation.

The goal of the Partnership is to advocate and promote advanced safe commercial operations (including BVLOS), initially through Exempt Status of DroNav-equipped UAVs, towards standard legislation.

The platform will allow third parties to develop and offer unique services, which would further advance the industry and the way business is conducted, or public services rendered.

Industry’s consolidated opinion and support are critical. And we are proud that our technology has been selected by European Commission to become a testbed for European UTM system, which we will be demonstrating with our partners in the course of 2019

What we've done so far:








  • DronSystems Created

  • Initial Research & Feasibility Study

  • Market Analysis

  • Core Team Formation

  • Concept Development

  • Peer & Industry Review

  • Prime Architecture Design

  • Consultations with Regulators, Customers & other stakeholders

  • Product Development Process Design

  • Business & Revenue Generation Model

  • Patents Drafting & Filing

  • Protocol Design

  • Core Software Logic Demonstrator Design

  • DronAssistant Prototype Design

  • Prototype Firmware Coding

  • Hardware in the Loop tests

  • DroNAV-DronAssistant First Flight Campaign

  • Flight Test Program Draft

  • EURODrone Initiative selected as a testbed by SESAR

  • EURODrone Field Tests

  • Development of the nextgen Mission Director & UAS Flight Management System

Still ahead of us:

We expect to roll out our advanced hardware-in-the-loop technology demonstrator within the 1Q2019, after what we will commence extensive in-house testing. Naturally, there will be some bugs to squash, after what we are planning to deploy our systems for the tests in harsh Canadian environment, building a full-scope Flight Test Centre, where DroNav will be put to the real-world challenges. Launch customers, in turn, should be able to test the compatibility of their technologies and verify models and applications. During this period, we will continue working on the overall system improvements, simulate failures and emergency responses, collect viable statistics. Having accomplished all of this, we will take the case to the Regulators, and will start commercial rolling out of DroNav, which is currently planned for the end of 2021.

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